In Memory

Mitchell Jonakin - Class Of 1973

Class of '73 saddened by death of Mitchell Jonakin 

Our CHS class of '73 lost a fine man and a special friend when Mitchell Jonakin lost his valiant battle against brain cancer on Sunday, September 29th, at his home in San Antonio, Texas. One of the true highlights of his last year was his answered prayer of attending our 45th year class reunion. A good number of us have known Mitchell since grade one!! He will forever be remembered as a generally quiet, well-spoken, decent man whose capacity to remember and love his friends will forever be impressive to all who knew him. He is survived among others by his beloved wife Karon. She was indeed the model helpmate to Mitchell through the worst days of his pain and suffering. My dear friends of our class of '73, I am asking a very special favor of you based on impressions made at our reunion last August. The empathy and love you showed Mitchell and Karon didn't go unnoticed. Your kind outreach still lives today in Karon's heart, though over a year has passed since that great weekend. There was a huge, deep-seeded wave of love alive in that Barn that Saturday night, wasn't there?? I have no clue about the Lookouts' game, for we were all too busy talking and laughing and gossiping to even recall whom they played!! Based on those memories, here is the favor I'm asking of you. Will you please take a moment to send Karon a brief email note just to say "we are sorry" or whatever your memories of Mitchell might move you to write?? She receives email at his address: I have never in all my days made such a request in any such situation. I just believe that Karon's life will really, really be forever touched in a most wonderful way if a number of us simply reach out to her in love. If I have offended even one of you, my forever friends, by this outreach, it was the last thing in the world that was intended. Just follow your heart in this regard. May God forever bless our class of '73. You know a better class there will never be!! Thank you for your time and concern...

Roy Headrick