Christopher Shields

Profile Updated: July 27, 2018
Christopher Shields
Class Year: 1974
Residing In: Kabul Afghanistan
Occupation: Team Leader, Subai Project - Pakistan
Yes! Attending Reunion

Now back in Islamabad, Pakistan . . . working with the Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan. I've now lived in 10 countries in which I have worked long term, Haiti being the latest - Pakistan doesn't count, because this was a return . . . I keep saying I'm looking forward to coming home to the US for good . . . (famous last words, but doubtful, at this rate!)

When I left Azerbaijan in 2011, I went to Greece for a couple of months before I returned to the US to be with my brother during his last months, for which I was eternally thankful.

In 2012, I consulted with the Parliament of Kyrghzstan, as well as development projects in Sierra Leone and Pakistan.

Previously, I headed up the USAID Parlaimentary Assistance Project, after spending 8 months in Armenia heading up a USAID funded project working with the Central Electoral Commission, where I worked 12 years ago after working in Pakistan for 3 years. In Pakistan, I headed up the USAID Legislative Strengthening Project - working with both Houses of the Pakistan Parliament as well as the four provincial assemblies, which meant a lot of time spent in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta. I went to Pakistan after spending most of 2005-06 in Paris, doing a little consulting in Azerbaijan and Nigeria, but then returning to the US for most of 2006, with 4 months back in DC doing some work on the Hill, then spent the summer with my god-children in North Carolina.

Pakistan was the 8th country in which I have worked over the past 12 years: Albania (1997-98, 2000), Armenia (1996-97, 2009-2010), Azerbaijan (2004-2005), Greece (1999-2000), Lithuania (1994-95), Poland (1995), Tajikistan (2001 - 2003). I think my "Now" photo shows me at the Registon in the ancient city of Samarqand in Uzbekistan in Summer 2002 . . .alas, I have gotten rid of the beard, which I had for about 12 years.

Additionally, I have spent 20 years in US politics, working for 4 US Congressmen and the Governor of North Carolina. My return to DC in spring 2006 was to direct the transition of a former boss into his House leadership office.

It has been an interesting time wandering the world, and I hope that one day settle down in France long term. It is my regular venue when not in the developing countries anyway, so why not live there?

After being an unhappy Business Accounting Major at UT-Chattanoga, I worked for a few years, then returned to university, transferring to University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1981, where I achieved a BA in Political Science, cum laude.

I think I am one of the few people with that degree actually working in that specific field without being an academic or a political office holder . . . I have managed political campaigns, served as a state political party staff member, served in a governor's administration (in North Carolina), worked as a Congressional Relations Director for a national trade association, and taught political party planning in several countries.

I keep saying this, but after this gig, I hope to come home to the US for good . . . but we'll see . . .

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Posted: Feb 20, 2014 at 3:46 PM
Sailing along the Nile in Egypt in 2011.
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In Dubai . . .
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At the Louvre . . .
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In Samarqand, Uzbekistan . . . along the Silk Road.
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In Moscow's Red Square . . .