Ralph Irwin Miller

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Ralph Irwin Miller
Class Year: 1965
Residing In: Chattanooga, TN USA
Spouse/Partner: Joy
Occupation: Teacher, musician, retired school principal
Children: Adam, band director-Hunter Middle School, married to Gina, teacher, two children: Virginia (Ginny) age More…11, Noah 8, Mary Frances (Miss Muffet) 3.

April,married, stay-at-home mom, three children: John Miles Heimerle age 6, Michael Warren Heimerle age 5 and William Mark Heimerle age 3.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since graduation from UTC,I married Joy Barger whom I met in the UTC band and we have been married thirty-six years. We have two children, Adam, who is a band director, and April who sings and plays softball and is employed at Unum. I became a band director, working at my alma mater, CHS from 1972-74. I worked one year at Cleveland High before spending the next fifteen at Ooltewah Middle School with the last three years as assistant principal in that school. I then became an elementary principal for the eleven years, first at Ganns Middle Valley, then Ooltewah Intermediate. I retired from Hamilton County, worked at Boyd Buchanan private school for ten years and retired. Now my wife Joy and I help out with the six grandchildren, Joy teaches piano and I play the saxophone sometime for money.

School Story:

One funny story is the idea that I would become a teacher at my old high school. Miss Pryor nearly swallowed her teeth when she discovered I was the new band director. The other funny story was when I was at the first assembly of my senior year and Dr. Henry was making his first appearance as principal iof the school. In the auditorium, the band was relegated to the pit, much like the rabble in front of the stage in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. I suddenly noticed the crowd had gotten quiet as I continued takling to the person next to me and he was sqcrewing up his face and shifting his eyes up to the podium. I stopped talking and looked up to see Dr. Henry waiting for me to shut up. Over 1000 people in that auditorium and he was waiting for me. I melted into a soggy puddle. I reminded him of this story later, he had forgotten. He could have humiliated me more by saying something but he, the professional that he was, just gave me the "teacher look." I have used it myself manifold times with my students.

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Hey Lynn. We are putting together a group of donors to pay for the transfer of ten CHS marching films 58-68. The cost is $225 per film and we’ve had many responses. If you would like to join the project please email me rimmil@aol.com and let me know. My plan is to get them transferred and put on YouTube with a code to inlovk each year. The donors would get the codes if the years they want. We did one as a test run and it was very good, sound and color. Not HD, good for the 1960s. Let me know. Rimmy Miller

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It’s very difficult to put into words how much I will miss Dennis. After a period of time not hearing from him it was great to be able to connect with him and others through the Dynamos. I’ve known Dennis since  grade at Northside. Our love for band and the saxophone bonded us immediately. The only friend I’ve known longer is Bogie and I’ve know him since I was four years old. He and Dennis and I played together in the saxophone section for four years and made many great memories. But the thing I will miss most is reading something or hearing a tune and sending it to him through the Dynamos google group. I’ve started to do that several times and had to stop myself. Thanks Dennis for your friendship you are and will be truly missed. 

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DownMy senior year, Stanley's junior year, I formed a jazz quintet. Harold Coe, drums, Wayne Ragland, bass, Barry Crow, piano and myself on sax were the first members. I still needed someone to play vibraphone. The chart that I got from Downbeat Magazine by jazz musician Paul Horn included vibes. I asked of anyone could play vibes in the music department and Stanley said he would give it a try since he played piano as well as cello and upright bass. He was fantastic on the vibes. You would have thought he had always played them.

We first performed at our annual Swing Band show, Prevues, in January and then again on two separate nights for Stunt Night in February. Before Stunt Night Miss Pryor asked is to go to WDEF to perform live on Luncheon Fun at noon to advertise the show. We got out of school and got to be on tv. What an exciting thing. 

While I was performing I happened to look at the big monitors on the floor in front of us and I was momentarily in awe of what I saw. They had two different cameras on Stanley's hands playing the vibraphone and a larger shot of me on the sax overplayed over each other. It was so amazing I almost stopped playing to watch. Too bad they didn't video everythingvthen and there would have been a tape of that show.

Stanley was a very talented musician and great guy and I am very thankful I got the opportunity to know him and perform in different musical groups with someone of his ability.


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Welcome Mary. Hope to see you next time we play at Alexian.

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I had known Robert long before we were students at Northside. While at City Robert was always covering the board at productions since he was a Bulldog. Being in the band and frequently doing shows, I saw him many times working the lights and directing the stage operations. So it didn't surprise me years later when I ran into him doing the same great job at the Little Theatre. I know he will be missed, but will be remembered by many as one who worked very professionally behind the scenes to make our performances possible.


Ralph Miller

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Tommy, you need to get on the Dynamos Google hroup with Dennis, Bob Bogart, Wanda Fanning, Bill Cantrel and a bunch of others.