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Mike Harvey - Class Of 1968

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04/23/09 01:02 AM #1    

Joe Zvanut (1967)

Mike lived across the street from my cousins. That's where I first met him. A very likeable guy who had a secret: He was a fifth degree black belt in Karate. When he enrolled at City High, I remember him doing a demonstration of his skills during an assembly. You could hear a pin drop when he broke boards with his hands and kicked through them with his bare feet. It, like him, was very impressive.

When I learned of his tragic death, I could only think: "Too soon. Much too soon for someone so special."

05/13/09 12:56 PM #2    

Jim Mansfield (1969)

I remember that assembly also. Mike was a good guy- quiet and friendly. His death was a shock to everyone at the time. I always wondered what he might have become.

09/16/09 01:17 PM #3    

Barbara Chase (Turner) (1968)

Some of us, like Terri James & me, knew about Mike having a black belt because Terri dated Mike. I don't remember what year or how many dates, but I went to his house once with Terri & thought he was such a neat guy. It really shocked me when he took his life & hated he felt that awful to do that to himself. It makes it even sadder because he was such a nice guy. Sincerely, Barbara Chase Turner

07/28/17 03:41 PM #4    

Alice Clevenger (Cooper) (1968)


Tragic loss to think of, even over 45 years. Spoke with Mike the week of his death, telling me he had done poorly on a test. I tried to downplay it and not to worry about 'perfection'!  He was going on to med school. 

Then, I heard. What a tremdous loss.


07/29/17 02:02 PM #5    

Beth George (Hightower) (1968)

I agree with all of you--Mike was a great guy. I remember talking to him after the karate assembly demo he did, He told Diana Phillips and I that he was receiving phone threats from people who wanted him to quit katate competions or else. He was concerned enough that he filed a police report. It was not too long after that,  he was intentionally struck by a hit-and -run driver in front of the school, I felt deep sorrow for him as karate was his passion. That person intentionally hit him--it was not an accident. He, Diana, and I talked from time to time after he came back to school from the accident. He was so determined to walk again without the cane and to recover completely even though the doctors told him it would never happen.

I left TN the day afer graduation so I never knew about his life after that. I am glad that you, Alice, continued to be his friend and stayed in touch with him. We all need friends like that. For whatever reason, Mike gave up.. When I saw that he had died on this forum, I was truly sadden. I am glad that you all posted here today to honor his memory. 

06/25/18 11:58 AM #6    

Bill Clemons (1967)

I knew Mike pretty well and as everyone that knew him recognized he was a great guy. He was both a serious guy and a casual guy with unique talents and goals. We will never know what he would have become and done in his adult life, but no one that knew him expected that it would have been anything but terrific. It would have been interesting to know his children, he would have been a great dad. His death was a tragic event marked only by those that knew him but by his death left this world a poorer place.

06/25/18 09:19 PM #7    

Paul Oliver (1968)

At UT-K in '68 in the basement of Carrick North dorm, Mike and I had boxing practice. He already had the accident but could still make me a duffer. He practiced with the cane until he could wip your shirt tail out without touching you. He was the man, missed by all. 

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