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Roddy Mitts - Class Of 1966

Roddy Mitts

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03/14/09 11:42 AM #1    

Priscilla Mitts (Dietterich) (1971)

Hot Rod,
My big brother. He was a wonderful big brother always watching out for me. Sometimes more than I wanted but, when he loved you, you knew you were really loved.

As everyone that knew Roddy there are so many fun stories about him. He kept our life interesting.Never a dull moment. His life ended like he lived it. He lived more life times in his short life than most people could in three life times. At his funeral sevice at the duck pond he was buried on the very top of the hill. In the middle of the service when everyone was so sad the ducks came up there and made all kind of noise and everyone started to laugh as Roddy would have wanted. The people that worked at the duck pond told us the ducks had never gone up there. We knew then that Roddy had sent them to make us laugh as only Roddy could have. Please share your Roddy stories on this page so we can all think of Roddy and laugh as only he could make us laugh.

04/01/09 11:37 AM #2    

Priscilla Mitts (Dietterich) (1971)

When we were little and our parents were going out on New Years, our parents told us not to light the firecrakers and of course the second they lefted we went out and Byron had a firecracker in his hand and had his arm back like he was getting ready to throw it and Roddy came up behind him and lit it and it blew up in Byron's hand and Byron ran around in circles screaming and Roddy was following him saying don't tell Mom and Dad. Of course when our parents got home and Byron's hand was black and burnt, needless to say it was hard to keep that from them. As in life Roddy lived life with a big bang.
Little Sis Priscilla

04/03/09 03:29 AM #3    

Billy Craig (1969)

WOW What a shock, I knew Rodddy through Byron I was friends with him in school and the many times I played golf at Rivermont. Roddy was sure a cut up from what I knew of him.I use to laugh myself when Byron and Roddy would bicker in the pro shop. May God Be With you, im sure hundres of his friends will miss him.

04/05/09 01:45 AM #4    

Sally Gross (Martin) (1967)

Roddy asked me out when I was just a lowly (and naive) Sophomore. I was so nervous, but he was lots of fun and put me at ease immediately. Although we didn't date for a long time, he did take me to the submarine races a time or two! (I don't remember seeing you there Jim, but who was watching other "spectators," after all?) I can't believe the world is without Roddy now; he sure lit up the place while he was in it! We will all miss him and keep his family in our hearts forever.

04/21/09 09:14 AM #5    

John (Craig) Collier (1966)

I knew Roddy when we were in either first or second grade at Rivermont Elementry. At times we would sneak off and go run around on the golf course and at times would be late coming back. There is a picture of Roddy, Bobby Rodecker and myself in the 66 yearbook on Senior Day that has always brought a smile to my face. Lhe last time I saw him was on the Walnut Street Bridge on the last night of Riverbend a few years back...and as usual he was being We'll miss ya bud.

06/30/09 01:44 AM #6    

Charla Averitte (Lofton) (1968)

I went to Prissy's reception and Roddy said I could come live with him with no strings attached. I loved him and have always the family. He died shortly after the invitation. He always cared about me!

10/03/11 01:08 PM #7    

Scott Pogue (1966)

Love the golf team photos...who are those guys?

06/04/12 12:03 AM #8    

Ralph E. Barnwell (1969)

I knew Roddy briefly during school, but was impressed by the fact that he lay great value to family and friends.

There was this one time..... Roddy and his date, and me with my date went out on a double. WOW!!! What an adventure. We mini-golfed, sped around in his bright red '65 Impala..... and then went home. Sad..... I never was able to be around Roddy too much after that night. I don't remember what happened after that night, but I do remember just having fun!



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