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08/06/18 09:46 PM #181    

Susan Fisher (Fisher) (1968)

The reunion committee did a wonderful job. We'll remember this event lovingly. Thank you all, including the attendees.

08/07/18 11:43 AM #182    


Ann Klein (Reich) (1968)

Thank you all so much for a wonderful 50th reunion.  Those on the committees worked so hard to make the reunion special!  It was wonderful seeing everyone and catching up with their lives!  See you all in 10 years!  Ann Klein Reich

08/07/18 02:33 PM #183    


Carol Schenck (Wagner) (1968)

The planning team does deserve a very big Thank You for such a great evening. Many thanks to all who worked on this reunion...and thanks to all who came and celebrated together! (I have to really felt like high school with a great group of girls dancing to fun!)

08/08/18 12:33 AM #184    


Dale Montieth (1968)

Thank you so much to the committee for all of your hard work in putting together an incredible evening, and to Jeanne for an amazing gathering on Friday.  Both evenings were so much fun.  It was great to renew acquaintances and friendships, and partake of food, drink, and conversation. Thank you also to my fellow classmates for taking the time to attend.  I hope we don't have to wait 10 years for a reoccurrence.   

12/11/18 11:05 AM #185    


Jud Barry (1971)

Greetings, Dynamos! Many of you [ahem] older kids remember Mr. Jewell Tilson, CHS band director from 1958 to 1968, who continued a proud marching band tradition brought to national attention by A. R. Casavant. I was too late to have Mr. Tilson as a band director, but my brother Kevin did, and I got to work with him years later when I moved to Kingsport, where he was continuing to do great things at Dobyns-Bennett HS.

Regrettably, Mr. Tilson died this past June. His widow Koleta has just reached out to me with the information that she has 8-10 canisters of 16mm films of CHS halftime shows from his era; according to her these are top-notch, professional productions.

I'm wondering if any of you [ahem] older kids might be interested in helping with some kind of preservation/archival project for these films. City really was top-notch in the marching band world at that time, and some of you no doubt were part of it.

If any of you are interested in this or would like me to convey a message to Koleta Tilson, please get in touch either here or at

12/12/18 02:16 PM #186    

Dennis Jones (1965)


Mr. Barry, Please contact me at I need to put you in touch with Ralph Miller (‘65) a former CHS Band Director and Principal and Bob Bogart (‘65) website caretaker! We have much to discuss! V/R, Dennis Jones (‘65)




12/12/18 02:24 PM #187    

Dennis Jones (1965)

Thanks Mike! Squid 🦑

12/13/18 04:14 PM #188    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Merry Christmas to all alumni

07/14/19 09:08 PM #189    

Michael McKelvy (1968)

Foster, if there is anything we can do thru the web site to get the word out, please let me know! We cN post it on the main page and send emails to your specific class that are registered on the site! 

08/02/19 11:47 AM #190    


Kathy Coble (Shearon) (1967)

CHS CLASS OF 1967 - We are scheduling a Happy 70th Birthday Reunion luncheon on October 5th, 2019 at 1:00 Chattanooga time, location to be determined. The plan is to cover the cost of each classmate’s lunch with the remaining balance from our 50th reunion account. Guests/spouses are welcome and they will be responsible for the cost of their meal. Contact me if you are interested or have any questions. or 931-639-0534 to leave a message. This will be a simple gathering to get together to talk and catch up. Spread the word and share the message!


Kathy Coble Shearon,

CHS Class of 1967

08/03/19 01:18 PM #191    

Jerry Hale (Tollett) (1966)

This sounds like a GREAT idea. I hope you have a good response.

If you are going to have a cake made I would highly recommend Cakemakers Etc & Dan the Cakeman. He did the cake for the class of 1966 50th reunion and he did a BEAUTIFUL job! He does not freeze his cakes and they are always fresh. He will deliver your cake for a small charge. He is wonderful to do business with not to mention his cakes are WONDERFUL tasting! He had a lady that worked for him for years who graduated in the class of 1964 from City. She sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

He is located at 4330 Ringgold Rd Ste B. Phone number 629-2248. If you contact him please tell him I referred you. The web site is

Very professional and dependable!

Jerry Hale (Tollett)

08/21/19 06:12 PM #192    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

So sorry to hear of the passing of Steve Shuster. RIP

10/27/19 10:16 PM #193    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Thanks to the class of 69 for joining us this weekend for our 50th reunion. I hope everybody had fun. Thanjs from me, Roger, Monty, Carol, Judy, Tommy, Ed, Margie, Sharon, Bob McNutt and Bob Moss

10/28/19 03:25 PM #194    

Betsy White (Dahlstrom) (1969)

Thank-you, so much to all who worked so hard to make the 50th reunion of the class of 69 such a huge success!  We had a wonderful time.  So great to find friends I'd lost track of. We appreciate the job well done by the committee.   Love to all the 69ers!

11/04/19 12:58 PM #195    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Thank you to everyone who attended the 69 Class reunion on Oct 25-26.It was great seeing everybody.

11/05/19 10:17 PM #196    


John Price (1969)

Yes Debra it was great.  My wife commented that everyone looked really great and much younger than she expected, except for me of course.  I'm still old and ugly(:->)...  It was really great renewing old accuantances and getting to make new ones with some that I didn't know in High School.


11/06/19 11:27 AM #197    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

Working with the class of 69 reunion committee, was indeed a mini reunion in and of itself. It was only out done by the meet and greet, on Friday evening, and the reunion itself, on Saturday. I sincerely hope we can plan on a 55th class reunion, or, prior to that, a HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY get together. I have quite a few pictures of our amazing Saturday evening fun time, even a video of John Price doing the twist. Indeed a classic! Would appreciate hearing from my wonderful classmates on what you think of either, or both. GO DYNAMOS!!!!

11/06/19 11:37 AM #198    

Kevin Barry (1969)

Thanks Ed, John and Deborah for your comments.  I also had a great time and met a lot of lost acquaintances in the short time we had together that evening.  Looking forward to future events.  Thanks


11/06/19 03:02 PM #199    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

I love the idea of a 70th birthday celebration.

11/28/19 09:20 AM #200    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Happy Turkey Day to all alumni everywhere

12/25/19 11:48 AM #201    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Merry Christmas to CHS Alumni everywhere

03/18/20 07:20 PM #202    


Monty Jolly (Jolly) (1969)

I hope this post finds all of you doing well during this most difficult time. We should try to stay more connected through this webpage while our lives are on hold. Please stay well and in touch!


Monty Jolly

Class of 1969


03/19/20 07:25 AM #203    


Jack Hines (1969)

Good to hear that you are doing ok so far during this mess.  Everyone hang in there

and try to stay well.  

03/19/20 12:31 PM #204    


Mary Buckner (Brown) (1970)

This is one of the good things about living on a farm in isolation. Plenty to do around here.
Did check with my bats to see if any had been to China.
Wishing each of you the best day ever.
Hope everyone will be able to attend our 50 yr Reunion.

03/19/20 03:06 PM #205    


John Rodriguez (Rodriguez) (1971)

Well, looking on the bright side, after this is over and I have now washed my hands more in two weeks than in forever, I should never get sick again.  I hope everyone is well and stays that way.  And I hope that we can calm the hysteria until we get through this.  Now I'll go in search of more TP.

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