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06/25/17 09:11 AM #139    


Carolyn Paul (Creek) (1967)

I will be happy to help with reunion. 

Carolyn Paul Creek


06/25/17 01:06 PM #140    

Jimmy Siskin (1967)


Hi Everyone, Hard to believe it's been fifty years! I'm still working with no plans for retirement yet. I wish the time was available to be involved in the planning of a reunion . I remember back in the day that one of our tools for class funds was the coke machine. It's safe to say those funds are long gone. With that being said, I would appreciate the chance to contribute to a fund that would enhance our event. Hope everyone is having a good summer.   -   Jimmy Siskin







06/25/17 03:39 PM #141    

Jimmy Siskin (1967)

06/30/17 01:47 PM #142    

Patty Hardy (Tucker) (1967)

New dates Nov 10 and 11. Rooms available for out of Towners. Courtyard Marriott near Hamilton Place. Meet and Greet on Friday and Seated Dinner Buffett, Saturday with CASH ONLY Bars both nights. Maximum 140 seated diners on November 11. Tickets on sale beginning July 15- October 16 or when Venue full. Tickets cover Meet and Greet and Dinner/Dance. Rooms available at special rate of $112.00 per night (King Suite with kitchen). Free, hot breakfast . No Outside Alcohol in banquet area or Meet and Greet Event but fine in common areas. Tickets are $70.00 per person. Inbox Jimmie for address or email to We will discuss decorations , name tags etc at our planning. Call Residence Inn Marriott to reserve room. Held in Chattanooga High School Class of 1967. Ask for Molly Morgan. Address is: Residence Inn Marriott. 2340 Center Street. Chattanooga TN 36421. Phone 423 468 7700. You will love the Willie Kitchens Band. Golden Oldies to sing and dance to. Cash Bar open to midnight. Go Dynamos! Pay early and guarantee a place. Rooms are very nice and great breakfast. Saturday local option to be planned by Committee.

07/04/17 12:26 PM #143    


Deborah Kelly (1969)


07/07/17 07:11 PM #144    

Patty Hardy (Tucker) (1967)

This is a post by Jimmie Nipper Ovington about our reunion and rather than typing it all again, I'm being lazy and just thought i would copy & paste:
Send ticket money to Ms. Jimmie N. Ovington ( Nipper) . Make check to Class of 1967 CHS. (Please email Jimmie at for mailing address) Several have reserved lodging. We are in need of DONATIONS to help cover cost of Band and decorations. If you can make a donation above the $70.00 ticket price per person, it would be helpful. We started with no money and tried to keep tickets reasonable. If you are able, we would appreciate a donation. See many of you at Stir. Please ask folks to respond HERE so I know how many are coming at 2:00 next week. Some have told other folks but please respond here for Stir
So I can have enough seats. Thanks. Jimmie Nipper Ovington. Patricia A Tucker (Patty Hardy Tucker) and I have worked hard locally and several others have worked on notifying from out of town but Patty and I are handling all money and both are on our account ( empty at present) at First TN. It will all come together. Go Dynamos. I do need emails and phone numbers. My email is and Patty Hardy Tucker is See many at Stir. Second Committee meeting is August 12, 2017 at 2:00 at Christ United Methodist Church at 8645 East Brainerd Road( across from Publix and Walgreens) at corner of East Brainerd and Morris Hill Road. Hopefully, we will have some donations to help cover costs, a Committee for Dinner, September 10 after Meet and Greet and Saturday Lunch and Activity by August 12. Will put another invite up for it on July 16.

07/08/17 02:07 PM #145    

Libby Conner (Hydrick) (1967)

I will b on Signal visiting my family and will b @ STIR next Saturday @ 2đŸ’ƒ

07/09/17 09:27 AM #146    


Carolyn Paul (Creek) (1967)

Just to confirm:

I will attend planning meeting on July 12th.  at stir.

Carolyn Paul Creek


07/12/17 02:57 PM #147    


Carolyn Paul (Creek) (1967)


Sorry folks.  Scheduled a committee meeting for another cause on 12th.  I will be at Stir on the 15th at 2pm.          Carolyn



07/20/17 10:15 AM #148    

Jack Hines (1969)

Hope you find something out about Vernon.  I knew him since early Normal Park  



07/20/17 11:55 AM #149    

Sharon Johnson (Maberry) (1970)

Hey Benjie, I didn't you two had lost touch. Email me with any info you have on him (wife's name, kids' names, old address, etc) and I'll see what I can find out.

07/20/17 01:24 PM #150    

Jim Murphy (1971)

Looked in FamilySearch - a genealogy resource - and did find this.  Looks like he may have still been in Houston as recently as 2009.  --Jim

Name Vernon Richard Brooks
Residence Date 01 Jun 1993-10 Jan 2009
Residence Place Houston, Texas, United States
Birth Date 27 Mar 1951
Address Houston, Texas 77015
Address Date 01 Jun 1993-10 Jan 2009
Possible Relatives C Brooks, Crystal Gayle Brooks, Gerald Brooks, Glenda Graham Brooks, Rick Brooks, T Brooks, Tammi Lenora Brooks, Vicki Lynn Gable, Vicki Brooks, William Brooks

07/20/17 02:30 PM #151    

Donna Lee Ott (Jahn) (1966)

I live in Houston and researched property records to see if I could find a home listed in that name. I found nothing. Property records only show property ownership in Houston but would not show if he was renting. There are many homeowners named Richard Brooks but no Vernon or V Brooks. Have you tried Facebook or Linkedin? My elementary school girlfriend found me recently on Facebook. 

07/20/17 05:22 PM #152    


Charles E. Godsey (1972)

Benjie there is a Vernon R Brooks age 65 in Morristown TN and also the same in Buxton Maine.

07/20/17 10:41 PM #153    

Benjie Seymour (1970)

To All... I want to thank each and every one of you that posted to my request about finding Vernon Brooks.   I am almost certain he would  still live in Houston, Tx., though I have no reason to really think this to be true.  I will do some more research and use the great tips that each of you forwarded me in my quest to find him.  If he is still living, I'm sure I can now locate him, thanks to great friends and classmates.  Again, thanks to each of you for helping me and for being true Dynamo's.  


07/21/17 01:10 PM #154    


Charles E. Godsey (1972)

Vernon R Brooks
2800 Post Oak Blvd
Houston Texas 77056
202 371-1330
Try this one Benjie

07/21/17 08:18 PM #155    

Benjie Seymour (1970)

Thanks for the address and phone number, Charles.  I will definitely follow up on that and see if I can get lucky and it be him.  I had another address for the same name so I mailed a letter today to see if it might be him.  Won't know til next week though, with snail mail.  Again, thanks for the tip.  

07/21/17 09:22 PM #156    


Charles E. Godsey (1972)

He's the right age Benjie, he's 66 years young!

07/22/17 09:30 AM #157    

Benjie Seymour (1970)

That would be right.  He was a little less than a year older than me.  Thanks!

07/26/17 08:55 AM #158    

Rebecca (Becky ) Hofmeister (McNiel) (1967)

Hi All! I can't wait to see everyone. Even though I haven't lived in Chattanooga since 1971, my roots are deep and high school brings so many great memories. At our reunion, I want to encourage you local people to come! I want to see you!  Becky Hofmeister, now Rebecca (I think I grew up?)



07/27/17 07:50 AM #159    

Richard Merle Waugaman (1966)

Greetings to Rebecca and to my other former classmates from City, and from Northside. I'm sorry I'll be missing the reunion.

07/28/17 01:28 PM #160    


Mary Buckner (Brown) (1970)

Will the class of 70 ever have anymore reunions? Can't believe how long it's been since the last one.
Would love to see everyone and talk memories.

07/29/17 02:01 PM #161    


Marty Von Schaaf (1970)

Mary and Benjie,

We are in the very infant stages of putting together a 1970 class reunion for the first Saturday in Octobe 2018.  Expect to see a formal announcement October of this year.  Planning committee will meet soon after the first of the year.  Looking forward to seeing a lot of folks I haven't seen in a while.  We will most certainly be looking for help with contact information once we determine who's missing off our current list.  Stay tuned!

08/17/17 09:14 PM #162    


Hannah Bonner (Fowler) (1972)





Dear Classmates,  

Let's get this party started!!   We've been busy planning our 45th reunion, and we've decided to move it to October when the weather will be cooler. (Note: It's a bye week for UT)   Please read the info below, and send checks to Dewey as soon as possible. 
Friday, October 6th.  6:00 PM.  2 Sons Market and Cafe, 422 MLK Blvd.  We have the entire restaurant for the event.  They have food, beer and other non-alchoholic beverages.  If you want wine, it's BYOB.  Informal attire.  (  I'll try to send you a menu or a link, so you can make your plans.)  
Saturday, October 7th.  6:00 - 11:00 PM.  Walden Club, 633 Chestnut St., Chattanooga.  Dinner will be served with dancing and a cash bar while we overlook the city from on high!  Attire is business casual.  
Friday night's cost is on each of you to decide.  You can eat dinner and/or drink at 2 Sons Market.  Saturday's cost is $50.00 per person for the Walden Club. 
Also, if you can, please give us a little bit of information about yourself:
City High Dynamos: Class of 1972
Reunion Registration

Name _______________________________  Maiden __________
Address: _________________________________________________________
E-mail address or Facebook information ( all future information will be sent on-line) _________________________________________________
Phone #’s: Home ____________ Cell _______________

Spouse/ Partner _________________________________


Best Memories of High School _______________________________________

Send Payment: $50.00 per person

CHS ’72 Reunion

c/o Dewey Roberson

6316 Yardley Court

Hixson, TN 37343
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you!!!!  
Take Care, Hannah Bonner Fowler
Feel free to contact me.  Also please request my friendship on FB, and I will add you to our group page.  

12/24/17 11:09 PM #163    


Deborah Kelly (1969)


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