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03/22/18 05:26 PM #164    

Kathy Harbison (Willard) (1973)

The CHS Class of 73 is having a 45th reunion on August 11, 2018 at the Car Barn in Chattanooga, TN.  For information and to register and PAY :) you can reach some of us by email - mine is  We hope to see all of you there!

kathy harbison willard

03/23/18 07:33 AM #165    


Michael Hutchinson (1973)


That sounds Great!!!  Michael Hutchinson class of 1973.





03/23/18 10:24 AM #166    


Gwen Garner (Davis-Reel) (1973)

Looking forward to 45th reunion!!  Gwen Davis-Reel (Garner), Class of ‘73.   Contact me at



03/23/18 12:09 PM #167    


Susan Beth Stanford (Purifico) (1973)

Invitation with info and Registration Form will be emailed to classmates registered on this site! Be on the lookout ........ and yeah, I mean Lookout.....s! Baseball game on Friday night.Info on Registration Form.

Susan Beth

07/27/18 01:47 PM #168    

Christopher Shields (1974)

Calling all the Class of 1974 . . .

Trying to organize a 45 Year Reunion . . . Please respond to this message, or to my personal email:

To bring this off . . . we need to organize it now!

Christopher Shields

Class of '74

08/01/18 11:53 AM #169    


Denise Wilson (Morrow) (1968)

1968  50th Reunion!  It's here.

Gals if in doubt what to wear, lets just wear a VILLAGER dress and WEEJUN shoes... I never knew if it was most cool to add the coin or 

Looking forward to Friday night at Westin and Saturday at Walden.

08/01/18 08:09 PM #170    


Carol Schenck (Wagner) (1968)

I"m so stoked about our reunion this Saturday evening! 50 years...can't be true. does give me pause when I see the In Memory section. I know we'll have a chance to say hey to old friends...and remember those who are not with us.  See everyone Saturday evening!


08/02/18 10:17 PM #171    

Susan Fisher (Fisher) (1968)

What would be really funny would be to wear the same hairdos as our 1968 senior photos.

08/03/18 10:29 AM #172    

Peg Grover (Willingham) (1968)








08/05/18 03:00 PM #173    

Shelley Wikinson (Irwin) (1968)

To the committee who put together the 50th reunion for the class of 1968 I just want to thank you all and tell you what a good time I had.  I have been attending the Brainerd High School Reunions for the class of 1965 and ours last night was far more fun and better attended.  I hope that we can have small yearly get togethers from now on to keep in touch.

08/06/18 09:19 AM #174    

Yolanda Douberly (Chesley) (1968)

I would also like to thank the committee members involved in planning the reunion.  There was obviously a lot of personal time and effort involved in coordinating such an event for a large number of people.  Kudos for pulling off a very successful and fun reunion!

08/06/18 10:19 AM #175    


Brenda Collier (Jones) (1968)

Just wanted to give a big "THANK YOU" for all involved in planning and orchestrating the Class of 1968 Reunion.  It was a huge success and loads of fun was had by all!  Thank you again for all your hard work in making this a great time!~ 

08/06/18 02:05 PM #176    

Pearl Wong (1968)

Many thanks to the 50th Reunion Committee.  Thanks to your hard work, the event was wonderful.  It was great seeing everyone.

08/06/18 04:04 PM #177    


Joel Hausler (Hausler) (1968)

Thanks to the committee for planning and the hard work.  Kind of like herding cats...  But it was great to see so many old friends and classmates.  Maybe we'll make it to the next one?

08/06/18 04:47 PM #178    


John Price (1969)

I want to thank the class of 1968 for aloowing me to attenfd the reunion.  It was great seeing old friends and making new aquantances. It was a wonderful party and I hope you guys come to our party next year.  John Price 1969.





08/06/18 05:17 PM #179    

Eddy Pinkerton (1968)

Thanks so much to Peg and the reunion committee for a great event. Hope to see all your beautiful, smiling faces at the 60th, 70th, and 80th.

08/06/18 08:32 PM #180    


David Corbin (1968)

Congratulations to The Committee for a job well-done.  My only regret was not having the cheerleaders present lead us in the CHS Alma Mater and a LOAD NoCheer for old times sake.  David Corbin

08/06/18 09:46 PM #181    

Susan Fisher (Fisher) (1968)

The reunion committee did a wonderful job. We'll remember this event lovingly. Thank you all, including the attendees.

08/07/18 11:43 AM #182    


Ann Klein (Reich) (1968)

Thank you all so much for a wonderful 50th reunion.  Those on the committees worked so hard to make the reunion special!  It was wonderful seeing everyone and catching up with their lives!  See you all in 10 years!  Ann Klein Reich

08/07/18 02:33 PM #183    


Carol Schenck (Wagner) (1968)

The planning team does deserve a very big Thank You for such a great evening. Many thanks to all who worked on this reunion...and thanks to all who came and celebrated together! (I have to really felt like high school with a great group of girls dancing to fun!)

08/08/18 12:33 AM #184    


Dale Montieth (1968)

Thank you so much to the committee for all of your hard work in putting together an incredible evening, and to Jeanne for an amazing gathering on Friday.  Both evenings were so much fun.  It was great to renew acquaintances and friendships, and partake of food, drink, and conversation. Thank you also to my fellow classmates for taking the time to attend.  I hope we don't have to wait 10 years for a reoccurrence.   

12/11/18 11:05 AM #185    


Jud Barry (1971)

Greetings, Dynamos! Many of you [ahem] older kids remember Mr. Jewell Tilson, CHS band director from 1958 to 1968, who continued a proud marching band tradition brought to national attention by A. R. Casavant. I was too late to have Mr. Tilson as a band director, but my brother Kevin did, and I got to work with him years later when I moved to Kingsport, where he was continuing to do great things at Dobyns-Bennett HS.

Regrettably, Mr. Tilson died this past June. His widow Koleta has just reached out to me with the information that she has 8-10 canisters of 16mm films of CHS halftime shows from his era; according to her these are top-notch, professional productions.

I'm wondering if any of you [ahem] older kids might be interested in helping with some kind of preservation/archival project for these films. City really was top-notch in the marching band world at that time, and some of you no doubt were part of it.

If any of you are interested in this or would like me to convey a message to Koleta Tilson, please get in touch either here or at

12/12/18 02:16 PM #186    

Dennis Jones (1965)


Mr. Barry, Please contact me at I need to put you in touch with Ralph Miller (‘65) a former CHS Band Director and Principal and Bob Bogart (‘65) website caretaker! We have much to discuss! V/R, Dennis Jones (‘65)




12/12/18 02:24 PM #187    

Dennis Jones (1965)

Thanks Mike! Squid 🦑

12/13/18 04:14 PM #188    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Merry Christmas to all alumni

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