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01/01/16 07:40 PM #117    


Johnny Collins (1967)


01/02/16 03:49 PM #118    


Priscilla Mitts (Dietterich) (1971)


Happy New. Year.Hope the coming year brings everyone good health and the best year ever for all.  


01/03/16 12:07 PM #119    


Don Paul (1969)

Hey everybody, happy New Year to you all!

01/03/16 03:14 PM #120    


Beth Williams (1970)

Wishing all the Dynamos; Peace, Love and Happiness all year long! Have a happy (and healthy) New Year.

01/04/16 08:47 AM #121    

Randy Weber (1970)

HNY to all and wishing you a healthy and happy year ahead.  Randy

01/04/16 10:52 AM #122    


Janie Watts (Spataro) (1969)


Thanks to all for the new year's wishes. I hope each of you has the best year ever!

And always remember, none so fine as the class of '69!


01/04/16 12:50 PM #123    


John Price (1969)

Everone have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 

01/08/16 02:41 PM #124    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

Happy new year.

01/08/16 02:47 PM #125    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

Happy new year Class of 69! Now let's talk 50 year reunion.

01/10/16 01:46 AM #126    


John Price (1969)

Edward. I'm all in. Do we have to wait that long?

01/15/16 11:00 AM #127    

Edward L. Shropshire (1969)

Hey John! So emailed me – ESHROP All small letters.

12/15/16 08:33 PM #128    


Deborah Kelly (1969)

Merry Christmas to all CHS alumni

12/15/16 10:33 PM #129    

Brenda Floyd (Underwood) (1969)

Merry Christmas to you too Deborah!!

12/15/16 11:37 PM #130    


Beth Williams (1970)


12/16/16 01:39 AM #131    


Kenneth Cox (1969)

Could somebody remove that thick maroon stripe that dominates the left hand side of the page for a number of the available categories. In particular, a large portion of each profile comment is illegible because the maroon color provides a poor background for the comment to be read. Thanks for the help! (and yes, I do know you can left click the maroon area to provide a new background color that enables viewing).

12/19/16 11:34 AM #132    


Lucille Goff (Leming) (1965)

Merry Christmas to all you Dynamos out there! Hope 2017 is a great year for you all!

Lucille Goff

06/20/17 10:42 AM #133    

Kathy Coble (Shearon) (1967)

To all members of the Class of 1967:

This is our 50th Reunion Year! I have reached out to several class members beginning last summer but still have heard nothing about a reunion in the works.  I do not have any contact information with any class members except through this forum and Facebook.  If any of you that are local know of any committee that has been established to plan our reunion, please post it here, Facebook - Chattanooga City High School Friends, your own classmate friends list or however and let's not let this Golden Moment become a regret.  I have not lived in Chattanooga since graduation but will be willing to help in any way possible. I am retired so I do not have to deal with a pesky work schedule.  Thanks,  Kathy Coble Shearon  (

06/21/17 12:12 PM #134    

Steve Johnson (1967)

Kathy - I was wondering the same thing.

I am back in Chattanooga and also retired, so glad to help out.



06/21/17 03:41 PM #135    

(Dena) Barnes (vonWerssowetz) (1967)

I am in Chattanooga and willing to help if anyone wants to make plans. 

06/22/17 03:05 PM #136    

Joyce Goodwin (Dixon) (1967)

I currently live in Birmingham, Al but would like to attend a 50th reunion.  My email is:

Joyce Goodwin Dixon, class of 67

06/22/17 04:28 PM #137    

(Dena) Barnes (vonWerssowetz) (1967)

I received this yesterday.  I'm OOT, but looks like fun.
Did you see this post about our 50 year reunion? Please put this on the FB Chattanooga High Post. Any and all from Class of 1967 at Chattanooga High School are invited to join us for our first 50 years ago Reunion at Stir( next to Choo Choo on Market Street) on SATURDAY, July 15 at 2:00 Chattanooga Time. Please inbox Jimmie Nipper Ovington or Patricia A Tucker if you are coming. Brunch is served until 2:30. Jimmie will be there at 1:30. We have a table reserved. Bring your calendars and ideas for future meetings or events. Tagging: Jim Wigley Joyce McGill Rogers Yvonne Purvis Ward Paula Shearer Givens Sally Anne Gross Martin Bill Meadows Patricia Goforth Moy Kathy Coble Shearon. See everyone at Stir.





06/24/17 08:56 PM #138    

Larry Feldman (1967)

Hello all Class of 1967 Dynamos,

I will glad to help with 50th reunion.  I'll in Haiti and will return on July 20th.  Please keep me in the loop and  I'll make the next planning meeting.

All the best and GO DYNAMOS !

Larry Feldman

Cell 404 667-0308





06/25/17 09:11 AM #139    

Carolyn Paul (Creek) (1967)

I will be happy to help with reunion. 

Carolyn Paul Creek


06/25/17 01:06 PM #140    

Jimmy Siskin (1967)


Hi Everyone, Hard to believe it's been fifty years! I'm still working with no plans for retirement yet. I wish the time was available to be involved in the planning of a reunion . I remember back in the day that one of our tools for class funds was the coke machine. It's safe to say those funds are long gone. With that being said, I would appreciate the chance to contribute to a fund that would enhance our event. Hope everyone is having a good summer.   -   Jimmy Siskin







06/25/17 03:39 PM #141    

Jimmy Siskin (1967)

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